Why do you do Roof?

The future of torch on

At this course we learned how the very popular torch on system will be applicated in the next few years with out the danger of open flame. 


By putting people 1st we can guarantee great relationships will be made by working together. 

  "Everyone wants to feel important, a persons roof is very important, being responsible for other peoples roofs, gives a great purpose and a meaning to my life."

Red Seal Certified 

This Certifies a minimum standard that we would like all of our roofers to be working towards. And once the level is reached, then it's time to pass it on.

thermal Plastic 

This heat fused roofing system is the the system trusted by the new Irving Ship Building.This is a great system to work with.


To have locations across our province, that serves each community's roofing needs.  ​

Education and Research are key. We are always moving foward

East Roofing in Yarmouth County Nova Scotia


We need to always move forward in safety training. Our job as roofers deals with preserving life daily. We need to know and reduce our risks.


Create a great place for good people to work. Provide professional workmanship to whoever we serve.

Adam Blake Randall

roof Nova Scotia