Honk For Roofus the Roofing Van!

It's not all about the money man

it's about the lifestyle

East roofing does not believe in what we call the corporate moral system. This is where every decision comes down to the question of what is the most profitable. Instead we look for what has the most value and how can we live as efficiently as possible. 

Roof Repairs

East Roofing offers flat roof repair,roof shingle and metal roof coatings.


East Roofing contracting in

Yarmouth and Argyle County 

Nova Scotia


Certified, Professional


 we offer

 Functional, sharp looking roofs

 High end results, with great value

 Industry leading research team

 Friendly sales, and installer crew

Experience in all roofing systems

 Focus on bettering our environment 



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residential roofing

Treating every roof as if it were our own is our golden rule.

commercial roofing

Completing your commercial project safely, on time and under budget.

Adam is red seal certified, and has been fortunate, to work for the best roofing companies across Canada. Taking on sky scrappers, schools, churches to homes plus more. And he plans to roof until the year 2048

we serve

  • Re-Roofing
  • Residential / Commercial Roofing
  • Metal Roofs and Coatings
  • Snow and Ice Removal

East Roofing is experienced with all roofing systems, and can help guide you with making the best decisions, when it come to your roofing needs.




our services

East Roofing was started in October of 2015 by Adam Randall. At this time we are small, but we have a great vision for a  BIG, bright future.  

past Projects

What's more important than taking pride in your work? Nothing.


What sets East Roofing apart from your average roofing company  is our unique work philosophy. We schedule our jobs so that our employed aren't rushed into cutting corners. We look for mindfulness, self motivation and balance in people. And in return we offer the same to our customers. 

  • Roof Repairs
  • Flat Roof Install
  • Sloped Roof Install
  • New Roofing

East Roofing in Yarmouth

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